The Triumphal March from Aida and its trumpets

The opera Aida is one of the main works of the great Italian composer Giusseppe Verdi. It takes place in ancient Egypt, and tells the unfortunate love between the Egyptian general Radames and a beautiful slave, actually the daughter of the King of the Ethiopians. Both love each other and at the same time are separated by the war between their two countries.

Aida is an opera of great spectacle, with hundreds of actors and singers and impressive sets. It was premiered in Cairo at Christmas 1871. Since then, it has been one of the most performed operas in the world.

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The Triumphal March, the best known part of the work, sounds in Act Two, coinciding with the victorious entry of Radames. The trumpets that interpret the theme sound from the stage, not from the orchestra pit, and were made expressly for the performance. They are straight trumpets, more limited in the notes they can play. Two different sets are required, since as you will see when listening to the work, the melody sounds in two different tones, the second higher than the first.


Things you can find out

  1. What other Verdi operas are among the 10  most represented today?
  2. The opera was premiered in Cairo. But what was the Italian city where it was performed for the second time? What is the name of its famous opera house?
  3. The “Choir of the Slaves” is another of the well-known melodies created by Verdi. Could you find out which opera it belongs to? Could you find a link to this musical fragment?
  4. You would know how to identify Verdi among these three composers. And by the way, find out who the other two are, knowing that they are also famous musicians of the 19th century?

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