Musicogram: Turkish March from Beethoven.

Beethoven composed this march in 1811 as incidental music for the play “The Ruins of Athens”, by August von Kotzebue. In 2011 we published a flash musicogram animating one proposed by Professor Batia Strauss in an active listening course.

We now update this post with a video of the musicogram, since from the abandonment of flash as standard this format is not valid on mobile devices, Mac, etc. For those who use compatible devices, below we link the old version.

Didactic proposal

The class is divided into three groups; each of them follows one of the three classes of signs that appear in the musicogram.

In a first audition, the music is accompanied by onomatopoeia. Each group the corresponding sign: chassss! in the vertical signs, brrrrr in the wavy ones and clack-clack-clack in the dotted ones. It can be reinforced with hand movements, body percussion, etc.

In a second audition; overinstrumentation with small percussion instruments (triangles and rattles, rattles and bells, and Chinese boxes and keys, respectively).

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