Which is the time signature?

In this game, we are going to practice which is the time signature that corresponds according to the notes that enter in a measure. The game has two images that visually remind us what we must know to play:

What do we need to know to play?

The time signature is placed on the score after the clef. The top number indicates how many beats get a single measure. In this game, we will work to start with the simplest ones, 2/3, 3/4 and 4/4

The bottom number indicates us what kind of note gets a single beat. If it is a 4 (the most common) it represents a quarter note. Thus, a 2/4 time signature than 2/ 4 is a compass in which there are two-quarter notes, one 3/ 4 three quarter notes, etc.

Of course, the 2/4 measures are not composed only of quarter notes. In this case, we can consult the equivalences of the notes and their rests.

Video – Demo

In this Video Demo you can see how the game works

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