How to use Google Classroom like a pro?

This article will teach you how to use Google Classroom and also tips and tricks to get its maximum potential. You will learn how to move around the page, what are the different tabs for, how to add new students or teachers, and how to create assignments and grade them.

Google classroom clases
Google Classroom

But… What is google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a service that allows you to create and share assignments, grades, and files in a paperless way with your students. It is completely free, but your school has to sign up for a G Suite education account. If your school has not yet signed up definitively share this information with them, as it is a reliable, private, and overall a very useful tool to have.

Google classroom site

G Suite for Education

Why should I use google Classroom?

  1. Google Classroom helps you to communicate effectively. Better than other platforms. Just with the email of the student, you can introduce him to the classroom, and then all the communication is managed from there. Even communication with Guardians and Parents.
  2. Google Classroom or other similar platforms will be the common system in the future. Preparing students to use online resources like this one will help them in future studies.
  3. Because Google Classroom is supported by Google all your previous knowledge about Google Drive, Youtube, Google docs, and slides is useful, you don’t have to learn a new platform from the start, and everything you already used is already implemented.
  4. As a student, if all your teachers use the same platform it improves your organization. Assignments don’t get lost, deadlines are easy to recognize, and the classroom is already organized by the teacher. This helps especially students who struggle (as long as they are taught how to use the platform).
  5. Planing is easy. You can set all the assignments for a class at the same time, and schedule them from the future, so students see them as they have to do them. Also the “Reuse post” allows you to have the same assignments for different classes.

How do I create my class?

On the top right corner, you will find a plus sign (+) and there you will be able to create your class. You will be asked to insert a Class Name, a Section, a Subject, and a Room. It is a good idea to include your name in your class name so it will be easier for your students to identify your class.

Google Class change theme
Google Classroom Change Theme

How my students can join the class?

You can individually add students to the class, using their email. However is it easier to share the class code. Through their own + sign, they can just copy that code and join your class. Once your students join the class, they cannot leave it. It will always be shown to them until you either erase the student from your class or archive the class.

Features of the class page:

  • Theme: You can change the theme of your classroom on the bottom right corner of the rectangle surrounding your class name. You can choose one of the already established themes, or create one of your own, adding your own photo for example.
  • Stream tab: Here there is all the activity that has taken place in the classroom. Homework, assignments, or announcements that you have posted as a teacher. Also, there is the possibility to allow students to post comments or posts. On these texts, you can also add extra documents or files from your computer. The scheduling option is also available. We can also save it as a draft for later editing.
  • Classwork tab: Here is where you can create your assignments. Click on create and choose the type of assignment you want to create. Here again, you can attach any kind of documents or links, but also you can assign points, due dates, and topics. You can post it immediately or schedule it for a different date. We recommend exploring the different assignment types as they can be very useful: Quiz, Question, Material and Reuse post are their names. These assignments will be shared at the same time on your Stream tab.
  • People tab: Here you will have the list of students (and also other teachers). You have the ability to add also their parents or guardians, so they are aware of the development of your students.
  • Grades tab: Quite self-explanatory.
  • At any time you can edit your information class on the Class Settings.

Tips for teachers to use Google Classroom like a pro:

  • Turn off your notifications. In order to protect your sanity take the time to turn off notifications so your email and phone don’t get bombarded with useless information. You can turn off the notifications on the settings tab.
  • Add as a link on the stream tab so your students can learn through our games. For example this great game for Melodic Dictation with all notes.
  • Turn off children to be able to comment. This way your classroom will have just the useful information and will be clean of spam and jokes from the students. There is the option to leave them just the right to comment, this can be a good intermediate option.
  • Organize your Google Drive Classroom Folder effectively. The first step could be to split your material into different topics. This helps your own organization and also your children. Also remember to never delete the CLASSROOM folder, as you would erase all the work you have done.
  • Schedule assignments. So you can in one go create several of them and your students will receive them gradually as the weeks pass.
  • Reuse post tool allows you to reuse posts, not just from one particular classroom, but from all the other ones you have. This way you don’t have to create again the same assignment for two different classes. A good system is to open all the classes in different tabs and go one by one reusing the post.
  • On the people page, you can send an email to all your students at once, without having to create a google group.
  • Also in people, there is the option to Invite Guardians. This way they will receive a weekly summary update.

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We hope this article was useful and hope to see you on our blog soon.

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